Mattias Bäcklin
born in 1969 lives and works in Stockholm and Enköping

The royal academy of fine arts Stockholm, project ed glassdepartment 2013-2014
The royal academy of fine arts Stockholm, project ed graphicsdepartment 2011-2013
Konstfack Going public 2017-17
Konstfack , concretecourse  2014
Royal academy of fine arts, specialstudent for Marie-louise Ekman 2004-05

Selected soloexhibitions
Gynandromorph Enköping artgallery 2017
The lightcaller Ulvhällart Strängnäs 2017
Exoville Ahlbergshallen Östersund 2017
Art and science  curated by  Björn Norberg KEX studios kunsthalle exnergasse  Vienna Austria  2016
Swedish games with Klas Eriksson The new artmuseum Sundbyberg 2016
Theories of development  Örebro university artgallery
What you fear in this room stays in this room with Mikael Goralski ID:I gallery Stockholm 2015
Bare sullied the reputation , Ålgården Borås 2014
Grayarea 2000 Gislaved artgallery 2014
Deathrace with NUG centralartgallery Gävle 2014
Jarlface S.P.Gallery Stockholm 2013
Bunkerdrawings The theatre artgallery Uppsala 2012
Hunt for species Central artgallery Gävle 2011
Dinos, insects and buildings The graphic artgallery Konstnärshuset SKF Stockholm 2011
Birddash Tha artmuseum of drawing in Laholm 2011
End of the line artgallery St:Gertrud konstfrämjandet Malmö 2011
Drawing sessions The artgallery Stadsbacken Sundsvall 2010
Songbird Stockholm 2009
Drawingsessions artgallery Cupido Stockholm 2009
Kleerup artgallery with Olle Ljungström 2007
Vardagsmekano with Viktor rosdahl Butiken artgallery 2005
The drawandfoldexhibition with jonas dahlström PS artgallery Göteborg 2004
The fuckningjustice exhibition with jonas dahlström Pictura artgallery Lund 1996

Selected group exhibotions
Collection in transformation Uppsala artmuseum 2017
Greatlakes international filmfestival Eire USA 2017
The continuos surface of the welfarestate Allkonstrummet Mossutställningar 2017
Supermarket Konstnärshuset SKF Stockholm 2016
The IX triennal of graphics  Uppsala artmuseum 2014
Greatlakes international filmfestival  municipalindie (award nominated in the exprimenatalcategory) Eire USA 2014
Best shortfilmfestival Municipal ndie L.A USA 2014
Armlength distance Örebro artmuseum 2014
Videogod Municipalindie Falun 2014
Restoration of interior rooms Charlottenburg Stockholm 2014
Crumbling moments  S.P.Gallery 2014
The springsaloon Liljevalchs artmuseum 2014
Civil disobedience  Gisladeds artgallery 2014
Politival correctness 2.0  Kulturhuset Stockholm 2014
An evening at the industrystreet  cosmiccastration 2  curated by Viktor Rosdahl Malmö 2013
The remains of a playground  cosmic castration 1  Sundbyberg 2013
Bullshit  Dortmund bodega  Oslo Norway  2012
Manboy S.P.Gallery Stockholm  2011
Zinebi international filmfestival Bilbao Spain 2010
The academy of fine arts scholarshipexhibition  Stockholm 2010
T2B international artfilmfestival Athens Greece 2010
Moments Artmuseum of Skövde 2010
Banverket artgallery Oslo Norway 2007
The wintershow Kleerup artgallery 2006
The hockey exhibition Midlanda artmuseum 2004
Paintings beyond the Bronx Lava kulturhuset Stockholm 2002

Uppsala artmuseum
Swedish department of foreign affairs
Stockholm Cityartcenter management
Uppsala muncipality
Gävle artcenter
Örebro county
Solna muncipality
Halland artassociation
Sundsvall muncipality
Skånes county
Gislaved muncipality
Kramfors muncipality

The swedish artcommitee twoyear working grant 2016-17
Stockholm City artscholarship 2015
The artacademy of Stockholm scholarship  2015
Härke artcenter scolarship 2015
Konstnärshuset SKF Blums Scholarship 2015
Highcoast scholarship 2013
The swedish artcommitee oneyear workinggrant 2011

Guestteacher at Hjo artschool  2015
Guestcritic at konstfack  2017